Linda Hester, Sunset Beach Mainland


"I can't say enough about how happy we were with our building experience with Scott Quaintance. We had been involved in several other building experiences, homes and commercial buildings, ground up and remodels, and Scott was absolutely the best builder we ever worked with. 

From the very first meeting we had a very comfortable rapport with Scott. We knew immediately that we could work with him. We quickly discovered that our tastes and Scott's were similar, making it much easier to trust his judgement to make a few of the selections for us. 

We found Scott to be very knowledgeable about both design and building. You could see evidence of both his experience and his education throughout the project. He was an outstanding project manager. If Scott said he would do somehting, it happened. In 6500 sq foot home, issues are bound to come up and they did. Scott handled every challenge that came up, even before we knew there was a problem. He was very organized throughout the project and paid great attention to detail. Scott seemed to want everything just right in our home as much as we did. 

If we ever build again, one decision will be simple – Scott Quaintance will be our designer and builder."