When we started the process, we were warned by many people about what a rough 6 months it would be and how things would probably go wrong on a regular basis.We were encouraged to take pictures of everything we ordered and bought, as people had had bad experiences with other builders substituting things.We were told to be prepared for constant problems.
We are thrilled to say none of these things happened with you and the whole process was as smooth as could be. It is a tribute to you as a person and as a builder that things went so well.We are ecstatic with the workmanship we saw and your attention to detail.There were no surprises and you stayed within our budget admirably.Anything that went over cost was our own doing.Friends and family were frequently commenting on the good quality of materials and workmanship when they saw pictures or went to the house,and some of them are in the business.Even our banker commented on how good a job you did and she recommended you to a client of hers,she was so impressed.
Thank you for making our dream home a reality.Please feel free to show our house to potential clients or have them call us for feedback.We will inundate them with your praises.Thank you and God bless you!"

......Lynne and Ron Curr - Lands End, Supply