Part of the Family

Island Style Yachts: In addition to Carolina Bluewater Construction, Scott Quaintance also owns Island Style Yachts. Island Style Yachts has put together a team of master boat-builders to design and custom-build yachts that combine the seaworthiness and ride of a Carolina boat with the sleek shearlines of a Florida boat.

Carolina Bluewater Construction Partner Vendors

Crossroads Appliance supplies the major appliances for Carolina Bluewater Construction. They are the largest such dealer in Brunswick county and offer an extensive selection of name brand kitchen and laundry appliances. Crossroads specializes in providing appliance for new construction and

Shallotte Electric: Shallotte Electric is the supplier for plumbing fixtures (tub, showers, comodes, faucets, sinks, etc) for Carolina Bluewater Construction custom homes. They are well known in the area and offer a large selection of brands and designs.


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