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We always appreciate the Brunswick Beacon's Reader's Choice awards held annually. It's just a great way to provide some due recognition for our great local businesses in Brunswick County. 

We hope you'll take the time to complete the Best of Brunswick survey online or pick up a paper copy to send in with the newspaper. 

The Brunswick Beacon also gives a $100 prize to one lucky person who submits a survey! 

Below is a link to the Brunswick Beacon's "Best of Brunswick 2021" survey.  




You can also reach the survey directly from the Brunswick Beacon website on their homepage:



What sets us apart from other builders?

We are not limited to only being the builder...

Because all plans are designed in house by owner and engineer Scott Quaintance, changes are made with ease. It streamlines and simplifies the process of building your dream home. From start to finish allowing options others cannot offer.

View Our Process...

Weekly photographs in high definition...

No matter whether you live two miles away or 1000 miles away, you get high resolution photos weekly. Which allows you to see the on going progress of your home, as well as allowances and access to plan files online.

See what our updates look like...

Where we build...


We have been proudly building quality custom homes on Ocean Isle Beach and surrounding areas for decades.

See Ocean Isle Homes

We build in and around Sunset Beach!

See Sunset Beach Homes

Seatrail features three award winning courses along with amenities and we have been building in Sea Trail for decades.

See Seatrail Homes

We have constructed many homes in Thistle!

See Thistle Homes

We build in Ocean Ridge Plantation!

See Ocean Ridge Homes

Many other locations such as...
Parkers Pointe
Bricklanding Plantation
Gause Landing
Southeast Brunswick County

Learn More...


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